The 130th Legislature will start in January

I am truly honored by your support to send me back to Augusta to serve you. In these truly unprecedented times I will continue to work hard for the people and communities of District 69 and Maine. Because of COVID, many important issues went unaddressed in the shortened 129th legislature and  will need to be addressed  along with many more waiting in the wings in the 130th. I am hopeful that Democrats and Republicans can work together and non-partisan solutions will emerge. 


Where Do I

Stand on Issues?

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Where do you stand on the proposed Central Maine Power proposed transmission corridor, good or bad deal and why?

If elected, what items/issues would be priorities and what might be ways to address them?

What are the three biggest challenges Maine faces in the next three years?

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Political Party: Independent

Family Info: 8 children (4 bio, 2 step, and 2 adopted)  7 grandchildren

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Babson College

Occupations: Retired Chief Financial Office of Community Concepts; Local business owner.

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I am running for reelection as an Independent because I want to represent people and not political parties.

As your State Representative, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Harrison, Bridgton and Denmark. As an Independent, my overarching goal was to represent the people of the district and not be beholden to the rigid structure of the established parties.


Although difficult at times, I saw significant progress made on a wide spectrum of issues such as healthcare, environment, property tax relief, broadband improvements, and many others. I personally sponsored and saw passage on three pieces of legislation related to environment, consumer rights and voting rights.


Unfortunately, COVID struck and turned our world upside down. It required an abrupt end to the legislative session and a declaration of a state of emergency. These unprecedented times have created many challenges, which will most likely continue for a while longer. The short legislative session resulted in many key pieces of legislation left unfinished, left to be dealt with after the election in November.


The crisis not only disrupted the legislative process in Augusta, but more importantly it affected us here close to home with job losses, closing businesses, school shutdowns and family quarantining, contributing to increased stress on our hardworking families and communities. The good news is our communities have shown their tremendous resilience and caring for one another. Here is a shout out to local government, first responders, non-profit organizations and individuals who have stepped up to the plate.


I am confident about a promise of a bright future for our families and communities. What can I offer? After being your representative now for two years, I believe I have demonstrated a high level of leadership, experience, and community knowledge. I have worked hard to represent you but there remains a lot of unfinished work to accomplish. My current term will be coming to an end but I am look forward to your support for my reelection in November. Please vote RISEMAN for State Representative for District 69, Harrison, Bridgton and Denmark on November 3rd. Think about casting an absentee ballot.


Walter Riseman

Candidate for Reelection

District 69 – Harrison Bridgton and Denmark


“Walter Riseman is one of the most dedicated people I know when it comes to helping others, not only in his private life, but his professional life as well. Walter puts his decades of experience being the CFO of a large corporation and his years of being a small business owner himself to work for others whenever needed.”


Glen Holmes

Director of Operations

Community Concepts Finance Corporation

"I want to say thank you. I had called your office and complained about how I have custody of my nephew who was born opioid addicted and how he was denied services for 6 years. But you sir stepped right up to help him. Now he has had his testing done , a counselor appointed , a better school. All because you took the time to care. We need more people like yourself. Thank you, Thank you so very much. I wish there was more I could do. You have given him a better chance at life. Thank you"

Christina Ford, Bridgton